I found Kim on Instagram while searching around for interior designers and her unique, custom wall that she created, caught my eye. I’m glad I didn’t skim over her work as now I thank my lucky stars that I found her! I am a hair salon owner in La Jolla, Ca. and recently went through a complete build out to create my new salon space. At first I wasn’t sure if it would be necessary for me to hire an interior designer as I had a pretty good vision of what I wanted to create. What I learned through the process, it’s extremely time consuming to shop for every single detail necessary to bring a vision to life and can end up being more expensive if you don’t have the eye, advice, and guidance of a professional. I’ve also learned there are so many details to know about design and rough construction – such as framing, finishing, furnishing and decorating. This is where Kim really shines!

She can create 3 dimensional electronic drawings, she knows about the entire construction process which is crucial and probably the important detail, she works extremely hard. Ever since I hired her for my project, I’m pretty sure I’ve said, “I’m so grateful I have Kim’s help, I couldn’t do this without her” at least 3 times a day. I could go on and on about how incredible she is and how lucky you would be to have her as your interior designer but I’ll try to keep it simple. Her eye is exceptional, she truly has a gift for turning nothing into something, a blank canvas into a masterpiece.

She is extremely professional, trustworthy, honest, and present though out the whole job. If you have to pull permits or be to code for your job/remodel Kim knows her stuff. In a room full of construction workers, contractors, and architects, she knows just as much as them (if not more) and will speak up for what she feels is right, and she is always right!

Like I said, I can go on and on, but just trust that you are in the absolute best hands with Kim. I’m convinced I hit the lotto when scrolling on Instagram for designers that day I found her.

Sherri B, Belle Siréne Salon, Client

Our firm has worked with Kim from both the architect and contractor perspective. She has flawlessly delivered on every project we have worked on together. We have had great outcomes working in both the design phase, to establish the clients desired finishes, as well as the construction phase and executing the final outcome. Her professionalism and communication skills make this process seamless and enjoyable for the client and other professionals involved. Kim is our go to interior designer for our projects and has yet to disappoint.

Artifex West Studio, Architects

Kim is simply the one to assist you on your design project, regardless of its size. Heartbridge was lucky enough to have used Kim on several projects in Phoenix. Each project came out above the expected. Her ability to mix styles and pull things together creating something that is fantastic and beyond words. She is what you would call gifted and fabulous. If you have questions please contact Heartbridge we will be happy to talk further

Matt F., Client

When my husband and I bought our first home we could only afford a fixer upper. We hired Kim to design our kitchen/family room but she ended up helping with so much more. She took the time to partner with us and truly understand our vision and help us achieve our design goals, while working within our budget. Having a professional on our side took all of the stress out of the renovation process. We now have our dream kitchen thanks to Kim and I know we will see a HUGE return on our investment when we go to sell our home. If we ever do, not sure I’ll be able to find a better kitchen! Overall, Kim was able to take a closed off, dark, dated kitchen/family room and turn it into an open, light bright, entertaining space where we spend the majority of our time, all while doing so in a timely and cost effective manner

Karla G., Client
Remodeling and Home Design